Mina's commission

Hi cutie ! I'm a French Artist and i love to draw ♡

Commission open

Terms of Service

✧ Please read ✧
Once you pay, you agree to all the conditions
✿ Payment via Paypal only
✿ You will take care of the paypal tax (we can estimate them together)
✿ I will start working on the commission only once I receive 50% of the payment, you must pay the other 50% once the sketch is approved
✿ Once the sketch is approved it will not be changed again so please specify upfront all the changes you would want
✿ The price can change if the character has many accessories or if you want your commission on an especific deadline
✿ If it's a comercial commission, specify it pleae
✿ Do not sell my art

✔ Fanarts
✔ Ocs
✔ Soft gore (blood)

✘ Mecha/Furry
✘ Complex background
✘ Disrespectful subjects

Commission information

✧ Please read ✧
Once you pay, you agree to all the conditions
Please be respectful
✿ You can request 3 changes to the sketch
✿ The prices are for each character
✿ Give me as many references as you have of the character, it helps me to draw exactly what you want
✿ Add 80% of the price for an additional character
✿ Add 50% of the price for an pet
✿ Add 3x of the price for a comercial commission
✿ I can send wips if you want
✿ I can refuse a commission if I am not comfortable with this


❥ Sketch : 15€
❥ Flat color : 20€
❥ Full color : 30€


❥ Sketch : 20€
❥ Flat color : 30€
❥ Full color : 40€


❥ Sketch : 25€
❥ Flat color : 35€
❥ Full color : 50€